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NoesisPharma Research


A New Day - clinical research for good

Noesis, a word from ancient Greek, means understanding through reason & logic. 

It is an appropriate name for our investigation/study center because it sums up how we approach research. Whether you are a potential study subject or a potential trial sponsor, join us in the pursuit of knowledge with a bias toward objective data collection and rational analysis.

isitors to our offices find clinical research conducted for sponsors interested in reaching the Arizona community for central nervous system, pulmonary, sleep, endocrine,and mental disorders.

Affiliate physicians interested in pursuing research but without staff to manage the regulatory and visit details partner with NoesisPharma Research to offer opportunities to patients in the greater Phoenix area. Sponsors looking to more deeply penetrate this large market find a capable group willing to go the extra mile to execute study protocols effectively.

Register with NoesisPharma Research for potential access to trials looking for volunteers who may be able to help advance science.

In our clinic you will find a professional, committed, diligent research team that honors integrity above all. For subjects, that means complete transparency. We want to be sure subject patients get all the information they want and need as they learn about the research they participate in, and we want to be sure patient confidence in our clinical setting is as high as it can possibly be!

Contact us today to learn more about our areas of concentration, our high standard of integrity, and opportunities to add to the growing understanding of medicine and how people are being helped with their illnesses.

16601 N. 40th Street  |  Suite 101 |  Phoenix  |  Arizona 85032
t 602.795.1834  |  f 602.795.2608
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