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What is Clinical Research?

Clinical trials, also known as research studies, are conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of new medications and treatments or to develop new uses for existing medications and treatments.  These trials are conducted at approved sites under the supervision of physicians (also called “investigators”) and other research professionals.  By participating in a clinical trial, you help in the development of medical advances that can, in turn, help you, as well as millions of others, by finding better treatments, and even cures, for life-threatening and chronic diseases.

The FDA has strict guidelines for conducting clinical trials in all areas of medicine.  The FDA requires that all medications and/or treatments be thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy before they can be prescribed by your doctor.  The government, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries have developed standard guidelines that all clinical research sites must follow in order to conduct clinical trials.  Audits are performed on a regular basis to make sure these guidelines are being followed.  Additional review is done by organizations called Institutional Review Boards (IRB).  These boards make sure your rights are fully protected and that you are not exposed to any unnecessary risks.

What to Expect?

At NoesisPharma you will find daily, hands-on physician and staff involved in all aspects of our research program to ensure top-notch patient care and high-quality data, which is necessary for a research center of excellence.  We take great pride in everything we do.  This results in long-lasting gratifying relationships with our patients and sponsors.


Our research staff has over 40 years of combined clinical and research experience.  Our staff consists of medical professionals with extensive accumulation of research, nursing, and physician experience, which ensures our patients are followed diligently and carefully throughout the course of the research trial.  Our regular physician staff oversees the majority of our trials.  This allows us to place the best know-how and experienced physician and team member in charge of each individual study.


Participating in a clinical trial is much like a regular visit to a doctor’s office.  Volunteer patients are treated professionally and with care.  During a clinical trial, study medication is administered and treatment is given according to a protocol that research professionals must follow.  The advantages of participating in a clinical trial include:​

  • Obtaining study-related medical care and medications at  no cost to you

  • Gaining access to medical care that may not be available elsewhere

  • Access to Investigational Drugs

  • Treating a condition for which there is no effective treatment today

  • Helping advance medical science.​

Whatever your reasons, it is important that you make an informed choice about volunteering for a Research Program

Each trial has different guidelines for determining who is eligible.  These guidelines are usually based on several characteristics including type of disease, current medical condition, medical history, and age.  Your doctor or another member of our research staff will perform a thorough physical exam and medical history to determine if you are eligible to participate.

Volunteering for clinical research is a chance to put hope into practice.  Without clinical studies, new drugs and treatments could not be approved.  No matter how promising a new treatment looks, it cannot be used to treat people until it has been carefully evaluated through several phases of a clinical study.  All studies need volunteers and have to go through phases of clinical research before it can be approved by the FDA and marketed as a drug.

NoesisPharma, a clinical research site, is located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We specialize in clinical research in the area of the Central Nervous System and related areas.  We are committed to the highest quality of medical care, research ethics, and empathy.​

By participating in a clinical trial, you can help in the development of medical advances that can help you, as well as millions of others, by finding better treatments, and even cures, for life-threatening and chronic diseases.  Click here to learn more about clinical trials and our current studies.

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